Birth Stories


Jessica and Rocky

Sarah is simply the most incredible midwife you could ever have so if she’s available then book her now and you’ll be happy forever that you did! I hired Sarah as my independent midwife after struggling with the NHS to get support for a home birth because of my age (I was 40 which made my pregnancy technically high risk although my baby and I were completely healthy). I paused before spending the money because I wondered whether it would be worth it but I can say with a 100% certainty that It was the best decision I have ever made and the best value for money I’ve ever received. Hiring Sarah benefited me, my son and my husband more than I could have ever imagined. From the first appointment I just fell in love with her. She is warm, kind, funny and basically sh*t hot at what she does!! I felt such relief that I was finally completely supported and treated like a strong, capable, healthy woman who could absolutely achieve what I wanted for my baby... 


Amy, Gavin and Louie


My wife and I first met Sarah in 2018 when we were expecting our first child - we decided to look for an independent midwife because our experience of both NCT and community midwives wasn’t good.  

At the end of our first meeting with Sarah we knew she was exactly what we were looking for - her experience and general demeanour gave us an immediate sense of comfort and relief. Sarah was able to take the lead, talk us through what to expect from the pregnancy journey, answered all our questions, explained everything in a calm and positive manner, tracked everything in one document and totally put our minds at ease about the whole process of giving birth.

Bryony and Stanley

In October 2014 I discovered I was expecting my first child and with it came all the worry, excitement and panic that comes with being a first time parent! Meeting Sarah for the first time at my 9 week appointment immediately cast aside any fears or doubts. Her warm smile and positive demeanour allowed me to immediately feel a sense of calm and wellbeing. She was always on hand to answer any questions and offered first hand advice from her own experiences not only as a midwife but as a mother...


Amy and Elliot

I could not have done it without Sarah.

My first son was born 6 weeks prematurely he was whipped out via emergancy c-section after discovering a problem with my placenta was stopping him from growing. It was a huge shock! He was born at 34 weeks and 3lbs in weight.I didn't really have a birth plan - but that wasn't it!

Sadly I didn't know Sarah at this time.
I am blessed/cursed it turns out with a serious over-supply of milk. To cut a long story short Elliott wasn't mature enough to suck so my only option was to express milk to feed him. This is usually very difficult for premature mothers but as I had such a large supply I was very lucky enough to be able to express far more than required for my tiny baby...

Lucy and Erin

Sarah was an incredible pillar of strength and support during my pregnancy, labour and in those first crucial weeks once my daughter had been born. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone - she is so knowledgeable and experienced and on top of it all she is also really lovely, approachable and caring.

Katherine and Arthur

With my first pregnancy I felt I had no choices. I was told that I was 'high-risk' therefore I would only be allowed to give birth in hospital and I would be monitored all the way through labour. I was made to feel like I had failed before I had started and was met by brick walls at every turn. My midwife told me that I'd almost definitely end up having a Caesarian section and I'd probably end up having medical complications. Instead of enjoying my pregnancy I worried and worried. As it turned out my labour was totally straight forward and I gave birth naturally to a healthy baby. No interventions and no drugs involved.