Sarah March, RM, IBCLC, BSc. ABM BFC.

Registered Midwife, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Tongue-Tie Specialist


Tongue Tie Support and Frenulotomy:

I am qualified and insured to divide tongue tie in infants, to book and for further information::

Independent Midwifery:

The birth of a baby is a life changing event, and my own three very different birth experiences have taught me how amazing, uplifting and beautiful a birth can be, yet I also learned, that even when Birth doesn't got to 'plan' having someone by your side, supporting and empowering you can make birth a positive experience.  

Through the births of my children, my passion for caring for women at their most vulnerable time was born. I believe passionately, that women and their families are offered care tailored to their individual beliefs, and that respect and faith in the woman's ability to birth her baby in the way she feels right for her is fundamental to a positive birth experience.

I am based in Windsor Berkshire and cover all areas within an hour's drive from home.  Initial consultation for Maternity care is free so if you feel I may be the right person to care for you, please get in touch!


'Sarah is the type of person we should be investing in, to bring our children into the world' 
Katherine and Baby Arthur


In July 2019, I held a summer picnic for all the families I have supported so far! Weather was kind, chocolate cake was amazing, and it was so wonderful to catch up with everyone, and coo over how much everyone had grown!

'Birth is not only about making Babies.

Birth is about making Mothers:

Strong, Competent, Capable Mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strengths’

                                                 Barbara Katz Rothman