Sarah is simply the most incredible midwife you could ever have so if she’s available then book her now and you’ll be happy forever that you did! I hired Sarah as my independent midwife after struggling with the NHS to get support for a home birth because of my age (I was 40 which made my pregnancy technically high risk although my baby and I were completely healthy). I paused before spending the money because I wondered whether it would be worth it but I can say with a 100% certainty that It was the best decision I have ever made and the best value for money I’ve ever received. Hiring Sarah benefited me, my son and my husband more than I could have ever imagined. From the first appointment I just fell in love with her. She is warm, kind, funny and basically sh*t hot at what she does!! I felt such relief that I was finally completely supported and treated like a strong, capable, healthy woman who could absolutely achieve what I wanted for my baby. I knew I was in safe hands and could then just relax and feel confident about my birth knowing she was on my team. My natural, home birth was incredible and I got what I wanted because of the unwavering faith, patience, support and encouragement I received from Sarah. She trusted me, my body and my baby and together we had a magical, safe and healthy home birth! What I didn’t appreciate was how much I was going to benefit from Sarah’s expertise, love and care after the birth. I hadn’t given post natal requirements much thought, but since having heard my baby groups NHS stories post birth I realise I was completely pampered! Every difficulty my friends have faced post birth, Sarah would have resolved immediately or at least eased their concerns if they didn’t need to worry! My baby struggled to latch immediately after the birth but Sarah has this sorted instantly. He had a tongue tie which was resolved in a 2 second procedure in my home with no tears from anyone except me! The reason I’m still breastfeeding and loving it at 6 months is because of the constant support and encouragement in those early days with baby when everything was new and overwhelming! She was either there in person and always just a phone call away to reassure and advise. Amazing service! Sarah was more than a midwife to me... she was the Mum that both my husband and I miss, the female friend I needed to talk to and laugh with, the shoulder to lean on and the medical, baby and breastfeeding expert for ALL my questions! I’ll be booking her for my next baby without hesitation! Thank you, Sarah!”