Bryony and Stanley

In October 2014 I discovered I was expecting my first child and with it came all the worry, excitement and panic that comes with being a first time parent! Meeting Sarah for the first time at my 9 week appointment immediately cast aside any fears or doubts. Her warm smile and positive demeanour allowed me to immediately feel a sense of calm and wellbeing. She was always on hand to answer any questions and offered first hand advice from her own experiences not only as a midwife but as a mother. I decided I wanted a home-birth and during my, very long, labour, Sarah was nurturing, kind, practical and filled the room with a reassuring positive energy. She made me feel safe, which I feel is so important when experiencing something as intense and personal as birth. She not only coached me through labour but held my hand, helped me push and most importantly allowed my labour to progress smoothly and with no complications or interference from medical procedures. She respected my birth plan and followed it diligently which allowed me to feel like I was in control and able to make my own choices. Sarah’s knowledge not only as a midwife but also as a breastfeeding and lactation consultant allowed my son to latch on within the hour of him being born beautifully and she placed him on me to rest for the night. The after-care I received was second to none. No matter what time of day or night Sarah was on hand to help. As I was struggling to breastfeed Sarah came every day to help and reassure me, one night she even came at 9.30pm as I had managed to work myself up into an emotional wreck! There was no problem too small and I think that sums up one of the many wonderful things about Sarah, and that is, that she truly cares about you as an individual and as a mother, she cares about her profession and about the babies she brings into the world. I would hand on heart recommend Sarah to any mum-to-be, she is the reason I have such a positive birth story to tell.