Birth Art Workshops

Pregnancy Casts

Pregnancy Casting is a lovely way to create a momento of your pregnancy, albeit a tiny bit messy!

I bring everything we need to create a cast of your bumb, (with your boobs or not-your choice!) and when it is dry, you can sand paper it, paint it, varnish it, you are welcome to bring it to a Birth Art Workshop and create your own masterpiece!

Please note I am not an artist...I will not be able to paint your cast for you, I feel it is a nicer experience for you to paint and create yourself!

Creating your Cast takes around 2hrs, and the cost for this (including all the equipment-including floor protection-which I bring with me) is £50.

Birth Art

I am hoping to facilitate BIRTH ART sessions, where expectant mums and new mums get together for a morning/afternoon of creativity, and have the opportunity to create their own small pieces of Birth Art, discuss worries/fears/hear positive birth stories and to find support and encouragment from other mums!

I will supply all craft materials, light refreshments and the cost of the session is £10 (to cover materials) and you can take your creations home with you!

These will typically run from my home on the 2nd Saturday of every month, from 1:30-3:30pm, please get in touch to book your place!