Labour and Birth Care

My experience as a midwife has taught me that for birth to unfold well, we (midwives) must build a good strong relationship built on trust with the mother and her birth partner. I work to build this trust over regular appointments in your home at a time convenient for you both and these usually last 45mins, but can take longer if needed.

The first appointment takes around two hours to take a full history, and subsequent appointments include your clinical checks as well as emotional support, preparation for the birth and resources such as DVDs and books. The birth plan preparation at 36 weeks takes some time, so to ensure that you are well informed. Should your baby decide to wait a little longer to arrive then the extra antenatal visits at 41 and 42 weeks are included too, as are information books such as 'induction of labour ', 'GBS' etc which we would take time to make sure that you have all the information to make an informed decision.  

If your baby decides to arrive prematurely (before 37 weeks) I shall endeavour to be there to support you at the birth, and care continues for the full antenatal and postnatal period past your due date.  I am experienced both personally (my own son arrived at 32 weeks) and have a wealth of professional experience regarding caring for and feeding babies who are born prematurely.

I am available to you throughout your pregnancy for any questions or concerns, via telephone or email outside of our scheduled appointments and I am able to attend consultant appointments and extra scans with you if this is needed in your care plan.

I also lend a birth pool (saving you around £150 for hire) and a Tens machine (another £50 saving) so that you have them if you would like to use them, and I deliver these to you at 36 weeks. Should you plan a homebirth, I can assist you and your partner with the preparations.

From 37 weeks- I would be 'on call' for you, and therefore stay close to home so that I can attend to you when you feel you need me.  When the day of your baby's birth comes, I am able to attend to you in labour and support you during the birth, whether at home or in hospital.

Labour and Birth Care

I am fully insured for Labour and Birth Care through 'My Midwife and Me'

Includes:  Full Midwifery Care throughout your pregnancy (booking from 8-12 weeks) regular antenatal appointments, birth preparation, breastfeeding antenatal session, On call from 37 weeks of pregnancy, support for your hospital or homebirth and full postnatal care for both mother and baby for up to six weeks.

Also includes Birth Pool and TENS machine loan.

Cost: £4500

For Families looking for midiwfery care later in pregnancy, please be aware that the cost is the same.  This is sadly due to insurance, and all the fact that when Independent Midwives take on care at such a late stage, there's often a lot of complex history and a lot of work to do between the IM and the family and less time to do that in.  Ideally, please book no later than 36 weeks of pregnancy, so that there's time for birth preparation and time for me to get to know you and your preferences.